MCC VCE-0327 - Replacement Blade for MCC VC-0327 PVC Pipe Cutter —

MCC VCE-0327 - Replacement Blade for MCC VC-0327 PVC Pipe Cutter


 In 1979, the first original patent for PVC Pipe Cutter was patented in the US by MCC Corporation. We are the creator with the idea to cut the PVC pipe in a way of scissors when people was cutting by saw. Our concept through research and development completely changed the world's view the plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, mechanical, and any industries involving plastic pipes. The advantage of using a PVC Pipe Cutter allows for faster, cleaner, and less effort cuts. Manufacturing millions of cutter over the past 30 years, MCC is recognized as a top brand for PVC Pipe Cutters internationally.


  • MCC Pipe cutters are designed specifically for clean shearing cuts of PVC schedule 40 and 80, polyethylene, and CPVC pipe.
  • Well-designed components provide longer lasting sustainability making the cutter highly economical (Proven by sustainability test on PVC Sch 80, 13,000 cuts).
  • The blades are made of special alloy steel and carefully heat-treated along with precision cutting edges that sustain the working condition through time, which is economical and environmental friendly.
  • Advance ratchet design reduces distance between ratcheting.
  • The blade, ratchet, and spring have a rust-free finish.
  • Simple blade exchange.
  • Made in Japan

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