MCC VC-0327 - PVC & CPVC Pipe Cutter Ratcheting 3/4''(up to 1'') Profe —

MCC VC-0327 - PVC & CPVC Pipe Cutter Ratcheting 3/4''(up to 1'') Professional Grade


In 1979, the first original patent for PVC Pipe Cutter was patented in the US by MCC Corporation. We are the creator with the idea to cut the PVC pipe in a way of scissors when people was cutting by saw. Our concept through research and development completely changed the world's view the plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, mechanical, and any industries involving plastic pipes. The advantage of using a PVC Pipe Cutter allows for faster, cleaner, and less effort cuts. Manufacturing millions of cutter over the past 30 years, MCC is recognized as a top brand for PVC Pipe Cutters internationally.

- Ergonomic Handle Design gives you less stress during operation.
- Quick Release Blade mechanism: It’s not necessary to open the handle with both hands to release the blade.
- Extreme Cutting Leverage Design: less effort & less work in operation.
- Simple Blade Exchange: Only two steps to exchange the blade. Less risk to lose any parts (except VC-0363)
- Compact Design: While still in a small and compact unit, the VC-0334 & 0348 still has the ability to cut larger pipe. 

  • MCC has been voted top of the line by customers who tried different company's
  • Special alloy steel blade with precise heat-treatment insures longer life
  • Less components, simple mechanism, longer lasting cutter
  • Easy to repair
  • Simple blade exchange        

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