MCC TC-42 - 1-1/2'' Inch Pipe / Tubing Cutter (Copper, Black Steel and —

MCC TC-42 - 1-1/2'' Inch Pipe / Tubing Cutter (Copper, Black Steel and Stainless Steel)

  • designed to make clean rotational cuts; weather cutting Copper Tubing or Stainless Steel Tubing.
  • Well-designed components provide longer lasting sustainability making the cutter highly economical
  • Compact & lightweight design increases your productivity.
  • Ergonomically designed knob reduces stress on your hands
  • heavy-duty with bearing inside cutting wheel maximizes durability when cutting stainlesssteel tubing

TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCT MCC "The brand that professional workers all over the world rely on" MCC exports products to more than fifty countries all around the world Design based on the end-user demands MCC R & D teams spend many hours for the in-depth research with contractors, end-users, and counter people at distributors. This is the way we get hints and ideas. After several times of field test with prototype, only a few in ten can be stepped up to the marketing test stage, where it is considered in marketability and price/cost. There are three huge coffins in the factory, where the thousands of dead prototype are archived after failed field test. This allows the teams with improving ideas. High Quality Control throughout the entire manufacturing process Majority of the main components in the MCC products are manufactured with the initial process of forging, casting or machining at the MCC factory after purchase of the blank materials such as steel bars, plates, or ingots. MCC owns the forging factory, casting factory, heat treatment facilities along with hundreds of machining equipments including the NC Type. This assures that the qualities from raw materials to finishing goods are maintained by high quality control standards regulated by MCC and other industrial standards such as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and the international standard ISO9001. Companies are certified by quality control standard and on-site audit through such standards.

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