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HPC Hearth H2Onfire 360 - Sienna Fire & Water Insert Fire Pit & Waterfall Bowl & Electronic Ignition

by HPC

Fire / Water Bowls provide an outdoor retreat of warmth and ambiance. Each bowl has been hand-crafted using our custom finishing process, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variation. Enjoy the beauty of fire and water together!

A true electronic Fire On Water, turn-key appliance operating at a gas pressure of only 1/2 psi, allowing for residential installations. Certified to the Z21.97 standard .- Beautiful blue LED lights to illuminate water - hidden under
- Auto fill system- automatically adds water when needed; Low level sensor protects pump if water supply issue.
- Filtration- water is conditioned with a reusable, easy-to-clean filter.
- Water pump- 3,200 gallons per hour (up to 6,000gph pumps
available upon request)
- Leveling / Height Setting- four heavy, 3/4" threaded feet give flexibility of height adjustment and leveling. Easily adjusted on site with ~4" of travel.
- Overflow feature allows water to escape safely.
- Electrical Connection- simply with a 5-lead, 20’ cable ready to connect. Control Panel incorporates 3 push-to-reset breakers for water, LEDs & fire.

Outside Diameter: 52"
Height: 14"-18" with Adjustable Side Wall Height
Tower: 10" Diameter Flange to Mount Centerpiece
Copper Fire Bowl: 125 lbs Dry, 532 lbs Wet
Water Basin Only: 82 lbs Dry, 460 lbs Wet
Additional Load
Basin floor: 200 lbs max
Tower 100 lbs max

Softened tap water only - Minor conditioning needed.
Capacity: Unit holds 50 Gallons (less with Water Rock)
Water Pump: 3,200gph Standard (higher rates available)
POWER: 120VAC - Control via panel or from remote location.

Monaco Series Concrete Water Bowl, Burnt Sienna Color, 4 Scupper
65k BTUElectronic Igition System - FOR Natural Gas & 120VAC USE ONLY

Optional Remote Control Available ( 578-G4 )
74" O.D. Aluminum Optional Enclosure Available ( WPE-72ROUND-TB/CV )

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