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DIG R750 - Adjustable Micro Spray Kit (160sq ft')

by DIG

DIG’s Adjustable Micro Sprinkler Kit is a complete kit that includes all the parts needed to install a micro sprayer system to water shrubs, groundcovers, flowerbeds and under trees canopy. The kit can cover up to up to 160 SF and can be expanded to cover more than 320 SF using additional drip tubing, micro sprayers and stakes. This adjustable micro-sprayer kit contains all the parts needed to start a system from a faucet or a garden hose that later can be automated. The kit includes a ¾” backflow preventer, ¾” 25 PSI pressure regulator, ¾” swivel adapter, 50’ of our premium ½” drip tubing with .600 ID x .700 OD, six adjustable stakes, eight micro tubing assemblies and six micro sprayers with 360°, 180°, 90° pattern; also included in this kit are two, 360° adjustable umbrella pattern micro sprayers with 5" stake and 1/4" barb, and all other parts needed in order to complete the installation.



• Operating pressure: 15 to 30 PSI (25 PSI pressure regulator included)

• Micro sprayer flow rates: 13.4 GPH @ 25 PSI and 14.7 @ 30 PSI 

• Models: 180 degree (color blue/blue) and 90 degree (color blue/black) 

• Micro sprayer coverage: 6.5 to 8.5 feet @ 25 PSI

• Recommended spacing: 4 to 6 feet apart or one per tree 

• 360° adjustable vortex umbrella stake flow rate: 0-20 gallons per hour (GPH) @ 25 PSI with maximum diameter of 10 feet 

• Drip tubing size and length: 50 feet of ½ inch drip tubing with .600 ID x .700 OD 

• Total system flow rate with flow at maximum: 121 GPH (2.1 GPM) 

• Covers up to 160 square feet

• Manufacturer’s warranty: one year limited warranty 

• Material: Protected for extra resistance to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays



• Applies water at a low application rate leading to less surface evaporation.

• Available with 360° micro sprinklers, inserts for 90°, 180° and strip patterns .

• The large diameter micro sprinkler has uniform water distribution.

• Offers flexibility in irrigation frequency and application rate, minimizing runoff.

• Designed for new and existing landscapes, including slopes and oblong areas.

• Outstanding crack resistance, UV protected.



1 A015 D45 3/4 inch FHT x 3/4 inch MHT backflow preventer 

1 A013 D46 3/4" FHT 25 PSI pressure regulator

1 LF003 C34 3/4" FHT x .700 O.D. swivel adapter with screen washer

1 T004 B35 50’ coil of ½ inch of black drip tubing with .700 OD

1 LF005 C35 ½ inch compression tee with .700 OD

6 A138 R68 8" inch stake with PE riser with adjustable flow control knob and barbed inlet

4 MS002 111B 180° micro sprayer with thread base, color blue top/blue body 

2 MS003 110B 90° micro sprayer with thread base, color black top/blue body 

2 MS023 410B Adjustable umbrella pattern micro sprayer with 5" stake and 1/4" barb 

8 T008 1/4 inch micro tubing assembly with barb 

2 SF003 H82A 1/4 inch barbed tee

1 A019 D44small hole punch

3 S006 R60 5" inch hold down stakes for ½ inch drip tubing 

2 SF007-NS1 G79B goof plug

2 A006 F68B figure 8 hose end 

1 instruction manual

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