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1" in. Anti-Siphon Valve with 305DC solenoid - 305DC-ASV-100

by DIG

S305DC- ASV Anti-siphon Valves

The S305DC-ASV series plastic anti-siphon valves with 7-12 VDC solenoid can be used with our LEIT 2ET controller and two, four, and six station battery operated controllers. Designed for reliable operation, the anti-siphon valves feature flow control handles for flow adjustment and manual shutoff, internal manual opening via the solenoid and external bleed via the bleed screw for smooth opening and closing.

Anti-siphon Valve Features

  • Anti-siphon valve combines a remote control valve and backflow preventer in one unit
  • Constructed of UV resistant PVC body and glass reinforced nylon bonnet with a stainless steel spring and pins
  • High flow with low pressure loss
  • Normally closed
  • Operates in a wide range of flow rates 
  • Utilizing self-cleaning EPDM diaphragm with seal design assembly
  • High performance, 7-12 VDC two way magnetic solenoids 
  • Flow control handle for water flow adjustment and manual shutoff
  • External or internal manual bleed allows quick and easy valve opening and closing
  • Excellent leak-free performance utilizing self-cleaning EPDM diaphragm and seal design assembly
  • Encapsulated EPDM seal washer built-in into the atmospheric backflow assembly
  • Encapsulated solenoid plunger for quick and easy service and maintenance
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Smooth valve opening and closing prevents pressure surge hazards:
  • Body Styles: Anti-siphon valve with 7-12 VDC solenoid
  • Operating pressure: 20 to 150 PSI 
  • Valve size: ¾ and 1 inch with FNPT inlet and outlet
    • Flow rate ¾”: .25 to 20 GPM Specifications
    • Flow rate 1”: .25 to 25 GPM
  • I.A.P.M.O, UPC and ANSI compliance:
  • Solenoid: 7 12 VDC, 2-way magnetic latching, normally closed
    • Voltage rate: 6.5 -12 VDC
    • Coil Resistance: 4.7Ω +/- 0.3
    • Pulse Width: minimum 10 mSec
  • Operation mode: 
    • Red + and white – latch to open
    • Red – and white + released to closed
  • Lead wires: 18” (45 cm) UL 1015, AWG 16, 300V - red and white wires 
  • Control orifice: 0.65 +/- 0.0002 (1.7 mm) 
  • Temperature range: up to 110 Fahrenheit (0-43 C)
  • Material: 
    • Body: rigid PVC
    • Bonnet: glass reinforce nylon
    • Solenoid: glass reinforce nylon
    • Spring and pins: Stainless steel
  • Center line distance: 3.750” (952 mm)

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