17mm Soaker Hose Dripline - 12" Spacing .6GPH .670 O.D. - With Check Valve (CV) Pressure Compensating (100ft') DIG A5-112P-CV

by DIG

DIG 17mm Pressure Compensating Dripline 12" Spacing .6 Gallon Per Hour With Check Valve (CV) .670 OD

Excel PC CV pressure compensating (PC) dripline, flexible, durable and precise with all the features you look for in a dripline.

Excel PC CV pressure compensating (PC) dripline is designed with floating diaphragms, built in with check valve, that regulate and maintain a consistent flow rate at variable inlet pressures in a wide range of demanding conditions. The dripline drip emitter’s check valve feature prevents water draining when water pressure drops below 2.5 PSI, protecting the drip line drip emitters from siphoning sediment, soil particles, and debris at the end of each irrigation cycle.