USA MADE 25'ft Turf Seam Kit - 32 Ounces of Glue, 5lbs Artificial Grass Nails, 25' Seam Fabric


This Seaming Kit Includes:

• One 32 oz TUBE of Seam Glue
• 25 Feet x 8 Inch Wide Seaming Fabric
• 2 Pounds of 6 Inch Seam Spikes

This kit can accommodate up to 25 linear feet of seams for your artificial grass project.

It includes ONE 32 ounce TUBE OF artificial grass glue (adhesive) and 25 linear feet x 8 inches of sturdy, dimensionally stable, non-porous (one-sided) seaming fabric. 2 Pounds of 6 inch seaming spikes are included to tack down the seam fabric, and to provide additional spikes to tack down the seam, along both edges (about 4-6 inches apart).*

Use a V-notched trowel to apply (not included).