STANLEY BDS7388 - FATMAX 25' Exojacket® Heavy Duty Water Hose 3/8"


Not all heavy-duty jobs require heavy tools. The FATMAX Exojacket® Hose is a lightweight industrial grade hose that features innovative technologies to provide the best watering experience yet. Its flat body offers superior flexibility, unlike most fabric hoses, which operate off of pressure. Convenient Jobsite Repairable Couplings allow you to reattach the hose end in the event of accidental damage. So, no matter what abuse you throw at this hose, it remains reliable. The unique Exojacket® Technology serves as an external shield, ultimately protecting its integrity throughout a lifetime of watering. Lastly, kinking is a thing of the past, as MaxFlow® Technology keeps the inner tube open, promoting water pressure even if the hose is stepped on or bent. The FATMAX Exojacket® Hose is great for all your industrial, agricultural and irrigation needs!


  • Heavy Duty high pressure nylon weave maintains the integrity of the hose.

  • Inner channel ribs provide continuous water flow.

  • Titanium coated aluminum Jobsite Repairable Couplings promote life and functionality of the hose.