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Spray Jet on 10/32 Thread (90-360* degree) (100 Pack) DIG 07-003 - 07-002 - 07-001

by DIG

Spray Jets

DIG’s Micro Sprayers are low flow with full, half, and quarter circle or strip pattern with flow rate of 13.4 gallons per hour at 25 PSI. The 110B, 111B, and 112B have a threaded barb are available om packs of 10, the 110-1B, 111-1B, 112-1B, 113-B are in single packs and assembled with 13” stake, 24” micro tubing with 1/4" barb for installation flexibility. Producing a fine spray in a range of patterns, the micro sprayers can cover areas from 5.9’ radius to 19.8’ in full diameter, depending on spray pattern. The low precipitation rate micro sprayer can be used for most planting areas and are suggested when low flow overhead irrigation is desired or for an area where drip emitters or conventional sprinkler systems are not practical. These micro sprayers are assembled of two nonmoving parts and have no flow adjustment capability.

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