Series 700 Micro Sprinkler with 24" Tubing Complete Assembly - Garden, —

Series 700 Micro Sprinkler with 24" Tubing Complete Assembly - Garden, Greenhouse & Nursery Watering Drip Stake Irrigation Emitter

by DIG



Mini Sprinkler Series 700

DIG's 700 series insect-proof, dynamic mini sprinklers offer excellent distribution uniformity for irrigation of seedlings, mature trees, and under-canopy irrigation of saplings for greenhouses and nurseries. The press-fit base mini sprinklers are available in seven flow rates with color-coded bases, and varying configurations to fit a wide range of applications.


  • Excellent performance with uniform water distribution
  • Press-fit configuration for easy maintenance
  • Head closes downwards after operation to prevent dirt and insects from entering the sprinkler (insect-proof)
  • Dynamic operation ensures self-cleaning and prevents accumulation of deposits, making it suitable for irrigation with water containing iron and calcium
  • Firm construction without a bridge gives a complete 360° circle
  • Available on 1⁄2”, 10-32 FNPT or completely assembled on 13” spike with 24” or 36” of.160" ID x .270" OD micro tubing
  • Can operate inverted to reduce wetting diameter for young trees


    • Suits all applications of seedling, young sapling and mature tree irrigation
    • Use in orchards, greenhouses and nurseries
    • For under tee canopy


    • Low precipitation rate for any soil structure
    • Can be used for frost protection and cooling

    Performance and Technical Data

    • Material: polyacetal
    • Flow rates: 10 - 42 GPH (40 l/h - 160 l/h)
    • Diameter of coverage: 6’ - 17’ (1.8 - 5.1 m)
    • Operating pressure: 25 - 35 PSI (1.7 - 2.4 BAR)
    • Operating pressure in overlapping irrigation: 35 PSI (2.4 BAR)

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