Roses & Flowering Shrubs - Slow Release, Partly Coated NPK-fertilizer with Magnesium, Sulfur and Micro-Nutrients 28oz - Algoplus


Basacote® Slow Release formula provides a timed release of nutrients for 6 months!

Roses and flowering shrubs are very demanding on the soil nutrients, and quickly drain the reserves. ALGOplus Roses and Flowering Shrubs fertilizer with Basacote® Slow Release provides complete nourishment from first planting to maturity.


  • In order to live, grow, develop, flourish and make fruits, plants need to be nourished. Their roots search and absorb nutrients in the soil. Water is essential for a good nourishment of the plants. From roots to leaves, it is the water that transports the important nutrients for the plants. For assuring optimum nourishment, it is important to use the right fertilizer dose and to fertilize regularly so that the plants' needs are met. Being well nourished makes your garden plants resistant against diseases and parasites. 

    Algoplus is a liquid fertilizer, 100% completely soluble in water. Algoplus is a 100% mineral based balanced fertilizer designed to deliver the 12 essential nutrients and trace elements that plants need to boost growth, flowers, and fruit. It is non-burning and can be used every time you water. It is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and very economical to use.

    This patented formula contains no chlorides, no carbonates, no sodium -- it's odorless and environmentally safe!


  • Since 1963, Algoplus has focused its research on ensuring that plants receive all the elements that are indispensable for their growth. Manufactured from the purest raw materials, every batch of Algoplus fertilizer is tested for harmful chlorides and carbonates to ensure you receive the highest quality product. Our fertilizers enable the grower to work in the best possible condition because it is Pure, Complete, Balanced, and Easily Assimilated!

    Roses and flowering shrubs are very demanding on the soil nutrients, and quickly drain the reserves. Bascote's unique coating causes the controlled slow release of the nutritive elements over a period of 6 months.

    The Science of Bascote's Slow Release Formula


    Step 1
    Each granule contains all the necessary elements the plants need for growth and blooms


    Step 2
    Water penetrates the granules through microscopic pores


    Step 3
    The nourishing elements become soluble and form a concentrated nourishing solution.


    Step 4
    During warmer months the higher soil temperature allows for a faster release of nutrients to met the plants growth needs.

    Algoplus fertilizers are Pure.

    They purity of salts used to produce Algoplus fertilizers allows the plant to absorb all the salts in sufficient quantities, without any risk of blocking or burning its roots. 

    Algoplus fertilizers are Complete

    Algoplus contains all the vital mineral salts essential to plant health. There are 12 minerals which are indispensable to all plant life. Each mineral plays a distinctive role in the plants life cycle: 

    • The nitrogen (N) stimulates a balanced growth of your plants.
    • The phosphorus (P) has an invigorating effect and makes the plants less sensitive against attacks and diseases.
    • The potassium (K) and the magnesium (MgO) favour a rich blossom with intensive coloring.
    • The trace elements and the iron (Fe)are essential for the strength of your roses. These nutrients enable the plants to restore an adequate reserve in order to prevent all risks of diseases or chlorossi (yellowing between the nerves of the leaves). 

    Algoplus fertilizers are Balanced.

    All the elements are not absorbed in the same proportion, but they are all indispensable. Algoplus fertilizers are balanced to generate maximum availability of nutrients and plant production. This ensures all elements will be absorbed in correct proportion by the plant. 

    Algoplus fertilizers are Easily Assimilated.

    Algoplus fertilizers supply the three forms of nitrogen needed for rapid plant assimilation, Nitric (fast assimilating) and ammoniacal (slow assimilating) while maintaining an ideal pH for the plant. Algoplus fertilizers supply a balanced form of natural mineral salts needed by the plants, without changing the conductivity of the soil.

    Plants in Place: Use one tablespoon (1 oz) per plant and mix into the top 1-3" of the soil. Water thoroughly, and regularly thereafter. The best time to apply is between March-May, after having cut back your roses and flowering shrubs.

    During Planting: Make a hole in the soil and loosen the soil. Mix one tablespoon (1 oz) per plant and mix into the soil. Place the root ball of the rose in the middle of the hole, replace soil around the roots, and water intensively. If preferred, granules may be used 14 days after planting following the 'Plants in Place' instructions above.
    At time of planting Basacote® guarantees a good start and development for the plants.