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DIG GD50 - Dripline Watering Kit 50' Tubing with Riser Conversion

by DIG


GD50 PC Dripline Watering Kit


DIG's GD50 Dripline Watering Kit provides 50' of dripline with pre-inserted 1 GPH pressure compensating (PC) drippers every 18" for quick and easy installation. This kit is ideal for narrow plantings, roses, flowerbeds and groundcover. The PC drippers provide equal flow from each dripper at any pressure between 10 to 45 PSI, assuring excellent flow uniformity along the entire dripline and trouble-free performance.


  • Complete kit; covers up to 150 sq ft (can be easily expanded up to 600 sq ft)
  • Using drip irrigation, water is delivered directly to plant roots, resulting in less water loss to evaporation and wind
  • Drip irrigation promotes healthy plant growth by maintaining optimum moisture levels in the soil and delivers water only where needed
  • Used above grade and can be covered with mulch
  • Pressure compensating drippers provide consistent flow over the length of the dripline
  • Easily expanded and customized
  • Can be used around building foundations to maintain moisture in heavy soils and prevent slab damage
  • Can be connected into a 1/2" sprinkler riser or faucet
  • Offers flexibility in irrigation frequency and minimizes soil erosion and surface runoff

Product specifications


  • Maximum incoming operating pressure: 100 PSI
  • Operating pressure 10-45 PSI
  • Flow rate: up to 10 GPM
  • Preset pressure: 25 PSI
  • Kit can be extended a maximum of 600' with additional PC dripline with same spacing and flow rate

Maximum recommended length of single lateral PC drip line


Operating pressure in PSI152530354045

Drip emitters spacing18"18"18"18"18"18"

Drip emitter flow rate in GPH111111

Maximum Length in feet171273303327348369

Flow rate in GPM1.903.033.373.633.874.10

Flow rate in GPH114182202218232246

# of drip emitters114182202218232246

Velocity (f/s)1.583.443.834.124.394.65

Head loss in PSI4.9115.119.7323.9728.2832.89

Note: This information is based on 0% slope

Box Contents



13/4" MHT x 1/2" FPT riser adapter (model # Q59)

13/4" FHT x MHT 25 PSI pressure regulator (model # D46)

13/4" FHT swivel adapter with 60-mesh screen washer (model # C34)

150' of 1/2" dripline with 1 GPH PC drippers every 18" (available in 100', model # B18100)

5tubing holder stakes (available in pack of 10, Model # R64B)

11/2" hose end cap (Model # Q58)

1instruction manual

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