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DIG DB250 - Micro Drip Irrigation Repair, Bucket Kit, 162 Piece

by DIG

DB250 Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket

DIG's DB250 Drip Irrigation Maintenance & Repair Expansion Bucket is a fully loaded 162-piece kit that is used to repair, expand or maintain your drip irrigation system. It contains all the essential 1/4" fittings, PC drippers, stakes and 1/4" micro tubing to help you keep your existing drip system maintained and operating at peak efficiency. All frequently used parts as well as a 1/4" punch tool are included in the convenient, easy-to-carry bucket, which can also be used to store all of your drip parts in one place.

This kit features our versatile, color-coded, pressure-compensating drippers in three flow rates (1, 2, and 4 GPH) to efficiently repair, add to or modify your exiting drip system. The kit is economically priced well below the cost of the individual parts combined.



  • No special tools or glue are needed
  • Saves money by significantly lowering the cost of system components
  • DIG's drip irrigation products may be exempt from residential and commercial watering restrictions (check with local water provider)
  • Includes our free Drip Irrigation Guide for installing a drip system
    • Specification:
      * Maximum recommended flow using the 1⁄4" distribution tubing: 12 GPH
      * Premium micro tubing (poly) length: 250' with .170 ID x .250 OD
      * PC drip emitter flow rates and color code: 
      * 1 GPH (4 L/H) color code – black
      * 2 GPH (8 L/H) color code – green
      * 4 GPH (12 L/H) color code – red
      * PC drip emitter operating pressure: 10-45 PSI
      * Total number of components: 162
      * UPC code: 840620100236 

      Box Contents

      qty.    description

      12    50' of 1/4" poly distribution tubing with .170 ID x .250 OD

      20    1 GPH PC drip emitters (black)

      20    goof plugs strip of 2

      10    2 GPH PC drip emitters (green)

      25    1/4" barbed connectors

      10    4 GPH PC drip emitters (red)

      10    1/4" barbed elbows

      25    1/4" barbed tees

      40    1/4" V stakes

      1        hole punch

  • Replace or repair drippers, micro tubing and small sized connections 
  • Fully loaded with 162 pieces to repair, expand or maintain drip irrigation systems
  • Forty pressure-compensating drippers in 1, 2 and 4 GPH

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