Cut Flower Food - Longer Life for Cut Flower Arrangements 250ml - Algo —

Cut Flower Food - Longer Life for Cut Flower Arrangements 250ml - Algoplus


Nothing makes a house look brighter or lifts the mood better than a nice big bouquet of cut flowers! Make your flowers last longer with ALGOplus Cut Flower and they will make your home look great longer too.


  • Whether the flowers are grown in a home garden or in a greenhouse by commercial experts, proper care and nutrients are essential. Just by adding a little Algoplus Cut Flower Food and fresh water every couple days, you can easily extend the life of all cut flower varieties and prevent vase water from becoming cloudy and dirty. You don't need to be a botanist or even have a green thumb with Cut Flower Food from Algoplus, it's simple! 

    Algoplus Cut Flower is a liquid plant food, 100% completely soluble in water. It contains the ingredients needed to extend the life of your cut flowers and prevents vase water from becoming cloudy and dirty. It can be used every time you water and is ideal for use with all cut flowers. 

    Algoplus Cut Flower Food remains clear in all water qualities and can be used in all glass, plastic or ceramic containers. It is specially formulated for formulated for professional wholesale florists, retail florists and growers! Consumers enjoy maximum flower life and freshness with simplicity.

    This patented formula contains no chlorides, no carbonates, no sodium -- it's odorless, colorless, and environmentally safe!

How It Works:

When a flower stem is cut from its mother plant, all access to water and food is cut off as well. Cut flowers last longest in environments that most closely approximate their living conditions before they were cut. This includes providing nourishment and minimizing the growth of bacteria.

While the most important ingredient for fresh flowers is fresh, clean water, providing a food source in addition to an adequate amount of light and water can help the flower survive much longer.

Flower preservatives are a source of food for the cut flower. When added to the water, flowers are able to remain healthy and beautiful for a period of time. With proper care and an ideal environment, flowers given Algoplus Cut Flower Food can often survive for one to two weeks after being cut, depending on the variety.


  • Add one tablespoon (1/2 oz) Algoplus Cut Flower Food for each quart of water. Recut flower stem 1" from bottom and remove leaves below water line. Add additional Algoplus Cut Flower Food solution as necessary.

    Whether you are cutting flowers from your own garden or buying them freshly cut from a flower shop, try some of our tips below to prolong the life of your cut flowers.

    Tips for longer lasting cut flowers

    • If possible, cut flowers in the morning or evening when they have more preserves stored.
    • Choose a vase that doesn't crowd stems to prevent early rotting
    • Cut away leaves and branches that would that will be below the water line. These can decay water quickly with algae which will keep the flower from absorbing nutrients. 
    • Always recut stems before placing in vase water with the sharpest pruners or shears available at a slight angle.
    • To prevent air bubbles in the stem and shortening the life of your flowers, recut stems while submerged in lukewarm water.
    • Display flowers in cool areas, away from sunlight or heat sources.

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