Beads & Bells Multicolored Gems - Yard Decor Piece - Ultimate Innovati —

Beads & Bells Multicolored Gems - Yard Decor Piece - Ultimate Innovations


Product Description

With just this Beads and Bells garden art from Ultimate Innovations, you can enhance the sights and sounds of your home’s exterior. Enjoy the soft tinkle of the tiny bells in the breeze, as the colorful beads liven up your flowerbed, yard, or garden. From Ultimate Innovations.

  • Decorated with small bells and colorful beads
  • Can be used in flowerbed, garden, yard, or large planter
  • Approximate measurements: Art 56″H x 19″Diam; Stake 46″L

Enjoy the whimsy and beauty of the Bells and Beads Yard Art in the garden, yard or even in large planters all year long.  The sun reflects beautifully of the multi-colored beads adding color and interest to any garden.  The small size bells will tinkle with the slightest breeze providing a peaceful, relaxing sound on a summer day.  Comes complete with 28” stake making it easy to place anywhere a splash of color and fun is needed around the outside of the house!

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