Micro Sprayer on Threaded Barb (100 Pack) 07-006

by DIG

Twelve Jet Micro Sprayer offers 360-degree coverage with no moving parts, via a vortex mechanism that utilizes low flow through a large water passage to help prevent clogging. The 7-GPH, Twelve Jet Micro Sprayer covers up to 7’ full circle spraying twelve jets streams at 45 PSI. The Twelve Jet Micro Sprayer includes a threaded barb. Use for residential gardens, groundcovers, shrubs, hedges, and small trees in areas where low flow overhead irrigation is desired or for areas where drip emitters or conventional sprinkler systems are not practical. The Twelve Jet Micro Sprayer may be placed upright or hung upside down where a very small wetted area is required.


Fine spray 360* degree 4-7' Diameter spray pattern coverage at 45 PSI, 7 GPH